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Countless animals are being taken from the wild and deprived of their freedom. You can help by supporting the wildlife rescue centre that supports them.

Wild cheetah cubs are being captured and illegally smuggled out of Ethiopia  because people want to keep them as exotic pets. Many die in transit.  These beautiful animals deserve our protection, yet cheetahs are widely regarded as status symbols. It is hardly surprising that wild cheetah numbers across the whole of Africa have plummeted to just over 7,000 individuals, when a single cub can sell for over $10,000.

Cheetah captive
Confiscated from wildlife traders, Hailu lived on a rope in a military compound.
Cheetah rescued
He now relaxes in the sun or shaded by his favourite tree - able to run and stretch.
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Worldwide demand for cheetah cubs, baby chimpanzees, ivory tusks, rhino horn, parrots, reptiles and other wildlife contraband is driving species to extinction.  It is estimated that the illegal market is worth US$23 billion a year. This revenue is fueling criminal syndicates – eager to make a killing from exploiting threatened or endangered species.

Wild animals in Ethiopia are particularly vulnerable to wildlife trafficking because effective law enforcement is very difficult in a country with six international borders to control.   But there is hope...

Before - Kera’s collar was so tight that her skin was rubbed raw. She was stressed and dehydrated, and facing an uncertain future as a pet.
Kera was stressed and dehydrated, facing an uncertain future as a pet. Her skin was rubbed raw by her tight collar.
After - Although she is quite young, with time, it is hoped that Kera will make an excellent candidate for release.
Although she is quite young, with time, it is hoped that Kera will make an excellent candidate for release.

Born Free has a unique strategy to protect wildlife in Ethiopia. We are on the frontline ensuring wildlife officers confiscate live animals, skins, ivory and other contraband from smugglers.  Through our Border Point Project we are introducing stronger security measures at Ethiopia’s nine key border points and providing enhanced training for thousands of borders agents, police and customs officers. As a direct result of this wildlife law-enforcement initiative, animal rescues, smuggler prosecution and seizures of illegal products have all increased. 

Our dream would be to return all the live animals who are seized back to the wild – where they belong.  However, sadly, very few of the young, sick and injured rescues can be released.

But Born Free never forgets the individual and, with your support, we can give these animals a second chance of a life worth living.

Ethiopia is the home of Ensessa Kotteh, Born Free’s Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre – a sanctuary and rescue facility established, in partnership with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, for confiscated and injured animals.  At Ensessa Kotteh we have already rescued over two hundred animals including lions, cheetah, hyenas, birds of prey and a wide variety of primates.

That is why we need your help!  Ensessa Kotteh, urgently needs new facilities to cope with the growing demand. Every successful rescue means another life to care for, either temporarily before release, or permanently.  The welfare of every animal is vitally important and your donation will allow Born Free to build new or improved enclosures and offer lifetime care in a safe refuge for even more animals.

When we found Safia, she was chained up in a shack and children were throwing rocks at her.
We found Safia, she was chained in a shack and children were throwing rocks at her.
Today Safia has grown into a feisty, confident lioness. She shares her enclosure with a male lion called Dolo, another of our much-loved rescues.
She’s grown feisty and confident, sharing an enclosure with adult male Dolo.

Our doors must stay open!

We fight wildlife crime so that one day Africa’s threatened animals will no longer need our care. Until that day, Born Free must continue to rescue new victims of this illicit trade and give them the safety, security, respect and care they deserve. The need for Born Free to look after confiscated, orphaned or injured wildlife continues to grow, so I hope I can count on your support?

Thank you for your generosity,

Will Travers OBE

President, Born Free


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