A woman stands with her back to the camera, facing a crowd of dozens of Kenyan school children sitting on the ground

Conservation & Communities


Born Free is committed to protecting threatened species in their natural habitats and preventing animal suffering, by building sustainable systems for coexistence. Wildlife is coming under increasing pressure from both environmental and human driven changes, including habitat degradation and destruction, unsustainable exploitation of resources and human-wildlife conflict.

Our Conservation Programme aims to directly address the most critical threats facing the world’s threatened species, while inspiring compassion and respect for animals from the communities that live alongside them.

We strive for coexistence, where wildlife and people can live safely and peacefully alongside one another. We are working to ensure a future where wild animals can live their lives free from harmful exploitation – and where ecosystems are thriving.

Education is key to ensuring that young people grow up with an understanding of the issues facing our natural world, and that communities living alongside wildlife have the tools to coexist, and flourish, alongside wild animals.

Born Free’s Education Programme works with schools and communities across the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa, instilling a love of wildlife and igniting a passion to protect it.

Our aim is to help people understand that we depend on wildlife as much as they now depend on us. Wildlife relies on humans, either for active protection or simply for space, while we need wildlife to help maintain the environment, which provides us with our water, our oxygen and vital carbon storage – mutual dependence.

Protecting wildlife, protects people.

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A wild family of two adult and one baby African Elephants walking towards the camera

Field Conservation

We are committed to protecting threatened wild animals in their natural habitats. Read more about the species we work with and our conservation projects in the field.
A row of Kenyan school children are sitting at a desk in yellow t-shirts with the Born Free logo

International Education

Born Free runs education programmes in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa, as well as supporting partner organisations worldwide through the Global Friends small grants programme.