A small crocodile sits submerged in water facing to the right of the image, with just the top of its head and eyes above the water

Dangerous Wild Animals: UK Map

A map of the UK with different counties coloured red or greenIs there a dangerous wild animal living near you?

Born Free’s 2020 survey revealed that a staggering 3,951 dangerous wild animals are licensed to be kept privately in Great Britain (and there may be many more kept without a licence).

A total of 210 private addresses across 129 local authorities hold licences to keep dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, crocodilians and venomous reptiles!

Red areas on the map indicate there is at least one dangerous wild animal held in that area, green areas do not have any licensed dangerous wild animals and white areas did not respond to our information request.

Our Dangerous Wild Animals 2023 data is coming soon!

Check back later this year for a breakdown of all the dangerous wild animals still being kept privately in Great Britain.