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Captive Animals

Born Free strongly opposes the exploitation and keeping of wild animals in captivity and campaigns to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

Born Free is committed to preventing animal suffering and protecting threatened species in their natural habitats. We work to end any activities that negatively impact wild animals living in captivity.

Captive Animal Issues

A tiger lies on the floor behind bars in a zoo

Zoos & Aquaria

Since 1984, Born Free has challenged the global zoo industry and today we lead the movement against the captive exploitation of wild animals.
A Chameleon sits on a persons hand in front of plain grey background

Wild Animals as Pets

Born Free is increasingly concerned by the number of wild animals being traded and kept as exotic pets, both legally and illegally. Discover the devastating effects here.
An elephant stands on its hind legs with a person stood next to it, making it perform

Animals in Entertainment

Born Free is wholly opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses and the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment, including in television and film.
Four dolphins jump from the water in a pool, with a man in front of them raising his arms


Born Free is convinced that the complex needs of cetaceans cannot be met in captivity, and opposes the keeping of whales, dolphins and porpoises in dolphinaria and aquaria.

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