An adult elephant and baby elephant stand together

Our Work

Find out more about Born Free's key areas of work

A woman stands with her back to the camera, facing a crowd of dozens of Kenyan school children sitting on the ground

Conservation & Communities

Born Free is committed to protecting threatened species in their natural habitats and preventing animal suffering, by building sustainable systems for coexistence and working with local communities.
A cheetah cub looks through the bars of an animal carrier crate

Wildlife Trade

We campaign for the welfare of wild animals at the highest level to ensure the best possible outcome for wildlife, including the illegal trade in wildlife, trophy hunting, canned hunting, and much more.
Close up of a lion leaning its head against bars

Captive Animals

We work across the world to stop captive animal suffering, challenge the captive animal industry, call for better legislation and protection, and phase out zoos.
A young lion sits draped over a log facing the camera

Rescue & Care

Wild animals at our sanctuaries and rescue centres are given lifetime care and spacious environments in which they can live out their days in the peace and respect they need and deserve.
Beautiful mist over green forest on mountain, Aerial view sunrise over the mountain range at the north of thailand, Beauty rainforest landscape with fog in morning.

Climate Change & Biodiversity Loss

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and our contribution to global warming and addressing both climate change and biodiversity loss through our work.
School children in blue jumpers sitting with their hands raised

UK Education

In the UK, our Education Programme aims to reach children and young people both in schools and out, instilling a love of wildlife and helping to encourage personal, local action to help protect wild animals.