Close up of Bengal tiger Gopal with head slightly tilted looking up

Adopt an Animal with Born Free


Looking to adopt an animal as a gift? Want to help save a life and support wildlife rescue? Adopt an animal with Born Free and you can help provide the care and protection these beautiful wild animals deserve. Supporting a wild animal through adoption is a great way to help fund our work to protect threatened and endangered species.

You can click on one of the links below, or even give us a call if you would prefer – our friendly team would be delighted to help. Please call: +44 (0)1403 240 170

Animal Adoptions with Born Free

A male lion sits on a wooden platform looking into the distance

Adopt A Lion – King

Adopt King the Lion, and you can help us provide support and care for lions who live at our Shamwari Private Game Reserve, including King.
Two adult elephants with a baby elephant between them, walking towards the camera

Adopt An Elephant

Adopt an elephant with Born Free today, to help protect wild African elephants from habitat loss, conflict, trophy hunting and the ivory trade.
Close up of Bengal tiger Gopal with head slightly tilted looking up

Adopt A Tiger

Adopt a tiger with Born Free today, to help support the lifetime care of Gopal and other rescued tigers, at our sanctuary in India, as well as protect tigers in the wild.
A photo of an orangutan high up in the branches of a tree

Adopt An Orangutan

Adopt an orangutan with Born Free today, to help protect this critically endangered animal; conserve their habitats, and rescue individual animals for release back into the wild, where they rightfully belong.
A mother rhino and calf standing together in the African bush

Adopt A Rhino

Adopt a rhino with Born Free today, to help fund both our conservation and campaigning work to secure a better future for this critically endangered animal.
A photo of a pangolin on a tree branch

Adopt A Pangolin

Adopt a pangolin with Born Free today, to help protect the world's most illegally traded mammal. We rehabilitate rescued and orphaned pangolins, campaign against the illegal wildlife trade and protect their habitat.
A close-up portrait of a leopard, with orange grasses in the background

Adopt A Leopard

Adopt a leopard with Born Free today, to help care for the Leopard Family – all rescued from captivity by Born Free, and now enjoying new lives at our Born Free Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.
A close-up image of a wild giraffe's head

Adopt A Giraffe

Adopt a Giraffe with Born Free today, to help monitor wild giraffe populations, protect their natural habitat, and introduce measures to reduce conflict between people and wildlife.
A photo of an adult cheetah peeking through the undergrowth

Adopt A Cheetah

Adopt a cheetah with Born Free today, to help to fund the lifetime care of the Cheetah Family at our Ensessa Kotteh sanctuary in Ethiopia.
An orca leaping out of the water

Adopt An Orca

Adopt an orca with Born Free today, to help support vital work in British Columbia, Canada, where monitoring the population of wild orca is aiding conservation efforts and public education.
Close up of a brown bear standing tall in a forest

Adopt A Brown Bear

Adopt a brown bear with Born Free today, to help support the lifetime care of Kyriakos, as well as conservation of brown bears in the wild.


Animal adoptions with Born Free make a real difference – your support can have an immediate impact on the lives of animals across the world, including rescued animals, and animals living in the wild.

The money raised by adoptions can help cover the cost of lifetime sanctuary, food and care for an animal saved from the horror of captivity; it can help pay for rangers to carry out patrols and remove dangerous snares that kill or injure lions, giraffes and elephants in the wild.

Animal adoptions also make great presents for hard to buy for friends and family – an adopt an animal gift is something truly special that will delight your loved one and improve the lives of animals around the world.

Adopt a wild animal with Born Free and the money will directly support the care of individual wild animals or their families. Any extra funds go towards our projects to protect the species and its habitat. The adoption keeps you personally in touch with your adopted animal and, believe me, makes a real difference.

Dame Virginia McKenna DBE


When you adopt an endangered animal with Born Free, not only will you be providing invaluable care, you will also receive a special welcome pack, either digitally or through the post.

Your welcome will include a personalised gift pack, adoption certificate, and regular updates on the impact your support has. Supporters will also be sent our My Adopt magazine, either in print or digitally, which contains updates on all of our adopted animals, and you’ll receive regular email updates to let you know how your animal is doing. And, if you choose a physical adoption pack you can also choose to include a soft toy animal gift.


Digital adoptions mean no packaging, minimal carbon footprint and maximum support for your adopted animal, and Born Free’s work. Digital adoptions mean 33% more of your adoption fee will go directly towards helping animals, compared to choosing a physical adoption pack.

You will receive the digital pack and a personalised certificate by email, which you can either keep for yourself, or fill out and forward on to your chosen recipient if you are buying the adoption as a gift.


You can adopt an animal by setting up a monthly Direct Debit of as little as £3 a month, or you can adopt an animal with a one-off payment from £36 for the year – the total cost of adopting for a year is the same, whichever option you choose.
Choosing to pay by Direct Debit helps your money go further; it helps our long-term planning and keeps our administration costs down.

For further details on how to adopt an animal with Born Free, please see our FAQs.

How do I renew my adoption?

If you have adopted an animal for one year with a one-off payment, and would like to renew for another year, please visit our renewals page:


If you can’t decide which of our adorable animals you want to adopt, you may be interested in becoming a Born Free supporter by setting up a monthly donation. The money we receive from our regular donations is unrestricted, and allows us to support the projects that need it the most.

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