Close up of an orangutan looking through bars

Raise the Red Flag: Success Stories


Read about some of the captive wild animals YOU have helped by submitting your reports and speaking out.

Thanks to you, captive animals have been rescued, provided lifetime care at specialist sanctuaries, and even returned to the wild. Though the outcome won’t be the same for every individual captive animal, please keep speaking out and giving them a voice.

Our Success Stories

Two photos of turtles swimming in the sea

Genoveffa & Gavino

Kept at an aquarium in Sardinia, loggerhead turtles Genoveffa and Gavino were the focus of many concerned tourist reports sent to Born Free since 2001. Find out more about their story.
A sick and depressed looking lion in a tiny cage. Caged tigers can be seen in the background

Closure of Ayamonte Zoo

Ayamonte Zoo was closed in 2019, following many years of campaigning by Born Free and other animal welfare organisations, and thanks to evidence provided by tourist reports and photos.
Two dolphins swimming underneath the blue sea

Misha & Tom

Born Free rescued dolphins Misha and Tom from a life in captivity and rehabilitated them back to the wild in 2012. But their plight only came to light thanks to concerned individuals.
A lioness in a small cage with bars

Raffi, Anthea & Rikki

Raffi, Anthea and Rikki were the first captive lions and leopard rescued by Born Free. After years languishing in tiny cages in Spain, their rescue was thanks to holidaymakers and concerned locals speaking out.
A tiny baby chimpanzee with his thumb in his mouth


Orphaned, taken from the wild and sold as a pet, Simao lived alone in a barren cage with only a football for company until we were alerted to his plight by a concerned supporter. Read his story.

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