Please give captive wild animals a voice and speak out on their behalf.

You should never underestimate your power as a concerned citizen, tourist, or customer to demand action and positive change. 

If you are concerned or shocked by the treatment of captive wild animals, there are several simple steps you can take to raise your concerns further. All too often, 'attractions', captive facilities, individuals, travel companies, and country authorities state that 'they never receive any complaints’, so make your concerns known and speak out. 

Please visit the relevant take action page below for some simple steps you can take to help the animals you are concerned about. Find out who you can contact and follow the useful links to find their contact details.

Please also report your eyewitness captive wild animal concerns to Born Free via our online report form.



If you are able to take action there and then, you may help to alleviate individual animal suffering, identify a potential animal welfare problem, or highlight a public safety hazard. But please do not take any risks and only act if you feel it is safe to do so.

If you are at a captive animal facility, you could alert a keeper or member of staff as they may be able to act immediately to remedy a situation, e.g. stop visitors from tormenting animals; remove a hazardous item or litter from an enclosure; provide animals with drinking water; or close an open door or gate.

If you witness animal cruelty or exploitation during an organised tour or excursion, express your disapproval and concern directly to your tour guide or rep. If your hotel or a restaurant is involved, please complain to the management, if possible.

If you can, report a serious incident to a local animal welfare organisation and/or inform the police if you think the activity may be illegal.

Make a record of what you have seen, and which animals are involved, noting the date, time, and location. If possible, take as many photographs or videos as you can. This will be helpful if you want to lodge a report or complaint at a more convenient time. This visual evidence is also very useful to Born Free and can help with any further investigations or campaigns. 


Images © Joanne McArthur / Britta Jaschinski


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