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Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal - the really wild gift for just £2.50 per month.

Born Free animal adoptions help provide the care and protection each animal needs.  When you adopt you receive a great gift pack and regular update news.  So if you love wild animals, adoption makes an ideal present, for yourself or someone you care for.

Is your boyfriend a real tiger?  Are your grandchildren cheeky monkeys?  Like to give your wife her own lion?  Or remind your mother you remember her with an elephant?

Adopt a real, individual animal with Born Free and you’ll give your loved one their most unusual gift this year!  Perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Birthdays or Anniversaries.

Just choose your favourite individual animal from our wide range of real animals below.

Read more about the animals you can adopt by clicking the links to the left; or go straight to our secure adoption pages

adopt lion Sinbad leopard adoption
adopt an animal - tiger cheetah family
adopt an african elephant adopt an african elephant
adopt a chimpanzee adopt a chimp gorilla adoption
ginny the moon bear adoption ginny the moon bear adoption
orca care Turtle adoption Dolphin Adoption
adopt some wolves adopt some giraffes Adopt a Hyena

When you adopt you’ll help provide the daily food, care and protection each animal needs, and help protect their species in the wild.  Your adoption will last for one year.

To renew an existing adoption follow this link

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