Expedia bans controversial holidays

8 November 2021


After years of Born Free campaigning, travel company Expedia bans sale of exploitative captive dolphin and whale experiences.

Born Free applauds the announcement that online travel agency Expedia has banned the sale of holidays offering experiences with captive dolphin and whale facilities, including visitor interactions and animal performances.

“After years of campaigning by animal welfare groups, including Born Free, calling on travel companies to end their support and promotion of captive dolphin and whale facilities, this announcement is a positive step forward,” said Sarah Jefferson, Born Free’s Captivity Campaigns Information Coordinator. “Born Free urges other travel companies and tour operators to follow suit, and cease profiting from captive animal exploitation.” 

Born Free is convinced that the complex needs of whales, dolphins and porpoises (known collectively as cetaceans) simply cannot be met in captivity. Their use in exploitative circus-style shows and swim-with activities should be brought to an immediate end. Born Free continues to work with international coalitions and partners, calling for the complete phasing out of the dolphinaria industry and for captive cetaceans to be appropriately retired in high-quality marine sanctuaries.

Adopt an orca today and help prevent a sad life in captivity.

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