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UK Wildlife Rescues

Rescue & Care in the UK

Every year, thousands of British wild animals are injured or killed because of human activities. As an international wildlife charity, Born Free works around the world, including the UK, where we support the work of numerous wildlife rescues and wildlife hospitals to rescue and rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned wild animals.

The wildlife rescues and hospitals are managed by dedicated people who do not hesitate to give their free time to care for sick, injured and orphaned animals. With limited funds and no government or other guaranteed external funding, they take in wildlife casualties from the public, veterinary surgeries, local councils and other large agencies such as the RSPCA. As dedicated animal lovers, they never want to turn an animal in need away.

Through our UK small grants programme, Born Free can offer support to UK wildlife rescues and hospitals, by purchasing medicines, rescue and care equipment, rehabilitation enclosures, release pens and food.  This support is vital in rearing orphaned young, providing intensive care, rehabilitation, and preparing animals for release back to the wild.

The funding provided by Born Free helps in different ways. Listed below are just a few of the wildlife rescues and hospitals we have supported in the UK.

A hedgehog is standing in a pile of leaves

Alfie the hedgehog, before being released by Forth Hedgehog Hospital

Projects we have supported

Organisation: The Fox Project, Kent

Amount: £1,000

Grant supported: Repairs and refurbishment of their fox cub unit

Organisation: Forth Hedgehog Hospital, Dunfermline

Amount: £500

Grant supported: Payment of veterinary bills

Organisation: Baby Beaks Garden Bird Rescue, Kinross

Amount: £493.95

Grant supported: Purchase of a Brinsea brooder

Organisation: Hogfields Hedgehog Rescue, Birmingham

Amount: £658.00

Grant supported: Purchase of pens, food and water bowls and heat pads

Organisation: Folly Wildlife Rescue, Kent

Amount: £719.48

Grant supported: Purchase of autoclave, binocular loupes glasses and cleaning tank for use in their veterinary unit.

To find out how to apply for a grant please email Tarnya Knight: tarnya@bornfree.org.uk

Supporting vets to improve veterinary care of British wildlife

A baby badger being held and fed from a bottle of milk

In July 2020 Born Free established a working group to consider the issues relating to the veterinary care of wildlife casualties. The group comprised veterinary professionals (veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses), wildlife rehabilitators, representatives of veterinary organisations, and animal welfare charities.

Discover our ‘information hub’ of relevant British wildlife resources for vets across the UK.


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