Wild animals are not pets


Born Free remains concerned by recent reports that people are continuing to buy wild animals as pets, as status symbols or for selfie opportunities.

Born Free has been campaigning on this issue for many years, and has witnessed first-hand the impact this dangerous and selfish craze can have on wild animals. Only a handful of these animal victims such as the young lion King, and the four little Lions of Lyon, will be given the chance of a happier life. 

Virginia McKenna OBE, Born Free’s Co-Founder & Trustee, said: “It is beyond belief that so many people still find it acceptable to keep wild creatures as pets. Don’t they understand or care about the meaning of the word? The nature of all animals should be respected and valued. Shame on those who obviously think otherwise.”

Will Travers OBE, Born Free’s Co-Founder & President, added: “We are in danger of losing our true connection with the natural world. Zoos encourage people to get unrealistically up close and personal with wild animals. Circuses create a fantasy where people are seduced by the lights, the music, the glitter – and forget what life is like for the animals. And those who massage their egos by keeping wild animals as pets call it love when, in reality, they are perpetuating a selfish form of exploitation. It should be our responsibility to protect wildlife in the wild – where it belongs.”