Adoption diary nov 2020


An Update On Some Of The Animals In Our Care. 

In anticipation of our forthcoming Adopt magazine, reporting on all Born Free adopted animals, our new online diary brings the latest on just a few individuals protected by you.


The Smallest Bear Cub

Puzha weighed just 4kg when rescued by Russia’s Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in May but, nursed back to health, she learnt to forage for berries, scramble up trees and even swim. At the start of November, she started getting ready for her winter hibernation and has been busy constructing a den under the roots of a fallen tree. Little Puzha will overwinter at the centre but, should be ready to return to the wild in spring. Meanwhile, supported by Born Free adopters, the centre team are now busy preparing for the imminent arrival of next year’s cubs. 

New Cubs On Their Way!

As you can clearly see, Makena the lioness is heavily pregnant, with her litter of cubs expected any day now. We eagerly await the news – Makena is a key member of Elsa’s Pride of lions, who live in Meru National Park and were named in honour of the lioness star of Born Free. Elsa was returned to the wild in Meru back in 1958 and gave birth herself to cubs in the park. Thanks to adopters, today Born Free works with Kenya Wildlife Service to protect all Meru’s lions and ensure they have a bright future. 


What’s In A Name?

An adopter recently contacted Born Free to ask if the names Mugaruka and Chimanuka meant anything significant. Good question! You’ve helped us keep these silverbacks safe in Kahuzi Biega National Park since 2000 but, we have never found out till now. Our gorilla ranger colleagues explain that Chimanuka means something unexpected that ‘falls from the sky’, having first observed him not long after Democratic Republic of Congo’s 1996 civil war, while Mugaruka means saviour, as his presence helped reinstate the park after poachers had killed many gorillas at that time. 

From The Horse’s Mouth

How do you like this brand new photo of our favourite moon bear? We are always glad to feature Bodo, rescued from a vile bile farm in China and cared for at Animals Asia’s sanctuary. So, when we recently interviewed their founder Jill Robinson MBE for the winter edition of our Wild Life magazine, we couldn’t resist finding out how he is coming along. “Bodo the beautiful is gorgeous,” she explained. “Our gentle, peacemaker, three-legged bear is still the happiest, most charismatic bear with, we hope, years of playing and mischief making to go.”




Images © OBRC, Animals Asia