Adoption Diary February 2023

February 2023


The latest news on some of the adopted animals YOU help us look after.

Photo of a pangolin at night with a play button over the top


We have a winner!

Hundreds of you voted in our online poll to name our newly rescued orphan pangopup, with Nguindolo (‘forest spirit’) the resounding 51% winner.

Adopters helped provide his 24/7 care in Central Africa Republic but, as you can see from our new video, he is now graduating from bottle feeds of a special milk formula, to an adult diet of ants!



Photo of TimTom the orangutan with a play button over the top

Monkeying around

Talking of growing babies, with your help our orange orphan Timtom receives round-the-clock care from her expert team at the release camp in Borneo. Every day she is taken in the forest to practice climbing, foraging and nest-building in the trees. But, as you can see above, Timtom just LOVES to play on the ground too.


Photo of two orcas in the water, with a play button over the top

Why family matters

It’s incredible to think that 21 years ago Springer was a scared baby orca, returning to her loving wild family near Vancouver Island in Canada. Despite having lost her mother at such an early age, Springer is now a remarkable mum to her calves, Spirit and Storm. But as you can see, they are still very much part of their wider family.



Photo of Gopal the Tiger walking towards the camera

Caring for one, saving all

Thanks to loyal adopters, this wonderful, rescued tiger receives expert care and enrichment at our sanctuary in India. But that’s just for starters! Adopters also fund vital tiger conservation and you can read all about in this remarkable new website, Saving Indias Tigers. Thanks for helping keep Gopal’s wild cousins safe too!


Photo of Zeiss the leopard stalking through long grass

Get on with your neighbours

Our adopted leopard Zeiss has made two surprising new friends! He lives next door to rescued lions King and Thea and they really seem to enjoy each other’s company. The lions lie close to the fence line and gaze at Zeiss in fascination, closely watching his every move, especially in the morning and late afternoon.


Images © SPP, P. Spong @ OrcaLab, Orangutan Foundation, Wildlife SOS