A wild family of two adult and one baby African Elephants walking towards the camera

Field Conservation


From removing snares to working alongside local communities, our field conservation teams are making a difference every day. Every wild animal matters. That’s why Born Free is committed to protecting wild animals, habitats and ecosystems, whilst inspiring compassion and respect for wild animals.

We strive for coexistence, where wildlife and people can live safely and peacefully alongside one another. We are working towards a future where wild animals can live their lives free from harmful exploitation – and where ecosystems are thriving.

What are the problems facing wild animals?

Wildlife is increasingly threatened by human activities worldwide, including:

  • human-wildlife conflict
  • habitat degradation, destruction and fragmentation
  • unsustainable and commercialised hunting or poaching
  • infectious diseases
  • climate change

Human-wildlife conflict

As people and wildlife come into closer contact, conflicts arise which reduce the communities’ tolerance towards wildlife.

Many remaining wildlife populations also live in areas with high poverty levels. Here, the communities rely on natural resources, like bushmeat, wood and water – putting further pressures on wild animals.

Rapid human population growth is also driving extensive loss of habitat across the planet. Agriculture, infrastructure development and extractive industries are leading to huge changes in land use.

How is Born Free conserving wild animals?

We run and support field conservation programmes which aim to address the most critical threats facing threatened species. These programmes protect the natural habitat of wild animals including lions, elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, giraffes and orangutans.

Our work is community-based and driven, focused on engaging local communities to find effective ways to:

  • reduce and mitigate conflict
  • diversify and secure sustainable livelihoods
  • protect and conserve key habitats
  • increase empathy and compassion
  • enable peaceful coexistence

We also conduct research, support wildlife law enforcement and promote education and advocacy.

This holistic programme aims to achieve our vision of a world where humans and wildlife can live alongside each other.


Download our annual Conservation Reports

Conservation Report 2022-2023    Conservation Report 2021-22     Conservation 2-Year Report 2019-2021     Conservation Report 2018-2019

Born Free Species Conservation

Find out more about Born Free's work to directly support conservation projects around the world, helping to protect individual species.
A wild family of two adult and one baby African Elephants walking towards the camera

African Elephants

Safeguarding the African savannah elephant populations in Kenya and an African forest elephant population in Liberia.
Close up of a chimpanzee in a tree looking at the camera


Protecting chimpanzee populations with the Guardians of Dja programme in Cameroon and chimpanzee conservation in Uganda.
Two giraffes stand facing each other with necks crossing over


Working collaboratively to ensure the conservation and survival of reticulated giraffes in Kenya.
A gorilla sits in the forest eating leaves from a branch


Our work to protect eastern and western gorillas in the rainforests of Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A lion cub rubs its head against the face of an adult female lion lying on the ground


Protecting lions and their habitats, and working to secure coexistence with people, in Kenya.
Close up of an adult orangutan cuddling a baby orangutan in the forest


Conserving wild orangutans and their habitat in the forests of Borneo, with the Orangutan Foundation.
An orca leaping out of the water


Monitoring orca populations in the wild with OrcaLab and campaigning to prevent orcas from being caught and kept in captivity.
A baby rhino walking towards the camera


Fighting to save rhinos by funding the vital work of the Kenya Wildlife Service in their protection of black rhino and white rhino.
Close up of Bengal tiger Gopal with head slightly tilted looking up


Working across Central India to tackle poaching, safeguard habitats, and find ways for communities and tigers to coexist.