Born Free is committed to protecting threatened species in their natural habitats and preventing animal suffering.  Its purpose is to conserve and protect wild animals, natural habitats and functioning ecosystems in perpetuity, and to end any activities that exploit and negatively impact wild animals whether living in captivity or in the wild. 

As the global human population expands, populations of wildlife are coming under increasing pressure. The threats are many and include habitat degradation and destruction, unsustainable and commercialised hunting, disease and human-wildlife conflict.  Increasingly, the expansion of large-scale agri-business and the exploitation of natural resources by the extractive industries, as well as slash and burn farming, are driving the loss of habitat. 

We are involved in a variety of field conservation projects which aim to protect the natural habitat of wild animals including: lions, Ethiopian wolves, elephants, chimpanzees, tigers, gorillas, giraffe, jaguars, orangutans and orca. 

We promote a compassionate conservation approach to the work we do with local communities and implement feasible mitigation measures to reduce conflict. In addition, we conduct research, support enforcement and promote education and advocacy in order to fulfil our vision of a world where humans and wildlife can live alongside each other.



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