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Orphaned serval cat rescued from street trader

6 September 2011

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Everyone at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has fallen head over heels in love with our latest arrival.  She came late last night after a long drive from the South of Malawi, thanks to many lovely and helpful people.  Firstly, she was reported by some tourists who had met a shady roadside salesman on the Mozambican border who tried to sell them a ‘baby leopard’. 

There followed a scramble to track down the said salesman (thanks must go to Wellings Kamwaza of Department of National Parks and Wildlife for his expert investigation and deft confiscation skills).  Then the challenge was on to find transport up to Lilongwe as soon as possible (petrol is rather scarce these days in Malawi) and she finally arrived 48 hours after the first alarm was raised.

She is now in the safe hands of our expert animal carers and volunteers who all agree she is in fact a serval cat.  They are pleased with her progress as she slept through her first night here and seems to be regaining strength already after her long journey.  At the moment she is being fed cow’s milk, as we do not have access to anything else, but we are looking forward to receiving the special kitten’s milk that we are importing from South Africa.

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There's an update on her progress here

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