Well done dominic!

9 March 2022


Born Free congratulates Dominic Dyer, our British Wildlife Advocate & Policy Advisor, on winning a Lifetime Achievement honour at this year’s Animal Stars Awards.  

We’re thrilled! Born Free’s British Wildlife Advocate & Policy Advisor Dominic Dyer has been recognised with a Lifetime Achievement honour at this year’s Animal Stars Awards. Passionately dedicated to wild animal well-being, Dominic Dyer is a true visionary and an outstanding animal welfare campaigner. 

Regularly coordinating and speaking at major wildlife protection rallies and conferences, Dominic is a valued contributor to print and broadcast media on a wide range of animal issues from the badger cull and trophy hunting, to the ivory trade and wildlife crime. 

“Dominic Dyer is a bundle of brilliant energy,” said our Patron, broadcaster Nicky Campbell. “This is one exceptional human animal. A fine, an excellent, a peerless example of our species.”

The Animal Stars Awards give recognition to animals and people who have achieved extraordinary things. “Huge thanks to Animal Star Awards for my award,” said Dominic. “I want to dedicate this to all the brave animal defenders in Ukraine, who are far more deserving of such recognition than me.”

Dominic we are so proud of you! It is an utter privilege to work with you. 

Read about ‘Go Fake For Bears‘, where Dominic spoke about PETA’s parliamentary reception here.

Image (c) P Nicholls