Hedgehog & badger-killers

19 January 2023


Born Free supports campaign to end the sale of illegal poison products in the UK aimed at killing protected species.

A company that is marketing products online to kill wildlife and domestic pets has been heavily criticised by animal welfare campaigners, vets and politicians.

Ferber Painting has a UK website, but an investigation by ITV News suggests the company could be operating from the United Arab Emirates. Ferber Painting lists a number of poison baits on its website including products aimed at killing badgers and hedgehogs.

Responding to concerns raised by the public and politicians on the poison products being marketed online by Ferber Painting, the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said ‘Any concerns about illegal poison products being sold on the UK market should be reported to the police. Those guilty of such illegal activities should expect to face the force of the law.’

Ferber Painting has now removed all products from its UK website aimed at killing hedgehogs, badgers, bats, foxes or cats but these products continue to be marketed for sale online in other countries.

Born Free’s British Wildlife Advocate Dominic Dyer, who helped initiate ITV’s investigation alongside broadcaster Chris Packham, after spreading awareness of Ferber Painting on Twitter, said:

“It’s deeply concerning that a foreign based company can market illegal poison products online aimed at killing wildlife and pets in Britain. I am pleased to see the huge public outcry this issue has caused and how this has resulted in Ferber Painting now removing all such products from its UK website. However, we must remain vigilant in this area and continue to report any similar incidents of illegal poison products being marketed in the UK to the police and to Defra.”

Born Free’s work continues to push for wild animal-friendly legal protections both nationally in the UK and worldwide, and to support UK wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.


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