Farewell Hailu

04 August 2023


Two cheetahs affectionately playing in the long grass

We are incredibly sad to say farewell to beautiful Hailu, one of our Cheetah Family in Ethiopia, who passed away recently, due to kidney failure – unfortunately not uncommon in rescued captive cheetah.

Hailu was rescued as a young adult, having been kept inside a small building – tethered with a rope around his neck. He arrived at Ensessa Kotteh in June 2016, along with sister Kakaway (pictured together, above) and the lions Rea, Girma and Nogobi. Recognisable by his distinctive limp, it is difficult to know exactly how old Hailu was, but we know his long-term health was compromised due to how he was treated before we rescued him.

We are content in the knowledge Hailu had many wonderful years living peacefully at Ensessa Kotteh, with space to roam, grass beneath his paws and the expert loving care he deserved.

Today, Born Free’s work continues with the recent rescue of two more cheetah cubs, Ramadan and Fasika. Aged just four or five months’ old, the brother and sister should be safe by their mother’s side but, were saved from the illegal wildlife trade, having no doubt been stolen from the wild. They are now being cared for at Ensessa Kotteh, thanks to our amazing Cheetah Family adopters.

An adult cheetah peering at the camera through the undergrowth.

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