Farewell achee



ACHEE: 1999-2019

We are extremely sad to report our beloved Achee recently passed away following a very short illness. 

Achee was a much-loved lioness, who lived for many years at our big cat sanctuary at Shamwari Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Catherine Gillson, Born Free’s Manager at Shamwari, said: “Achee’s passing was a shock for us all. She was 20 years old this year, and had been with us here at Shamwari for 15 of them! Her affectionate nature was truly special and I am pleased she could spend so much time with Ma Juah and, in recent years, Sinbad. She enriched their lives and ours.”

Achee started life in Romania where she was bought by a private owner from a photographer who had been using her as a photo prop for tourists. She lived in a cage in a car park until her owner accepted our offer of a new home for her at our big cat sanctuary. Due to her unsuitable early diet before coming to South Africa, Achee was undersized and unsteady on her feet, but otherwise happy and content.

Glen Vena, Born Free’s Animal Care Manager, said: “Achee was always full of energy. She always tried to be the top cat and Sinbad always let her be. They were so close and looked so good together.” Fortunately Sinbad has adjusted well, he was looking for Achee for the first few days, but now seems to have settled.