Born Free’s year ahead: much to look forward to in 2024

In a special year for our charity, we’ve got wild highlights and superb news!

Ab lioness and two cubs lying in long grass, looking straight ahead

(c) George Logan

2024 marks 40 years since Born Free was founded, and throughout the year we’ll be sharing amazing news, inviting you to join us for some fantastic events, and reflecting on four decades of compassionate conservation. It’s already looking like a bumper year for wildlife…

Do you remember Tsar and Jamil, the lion brothers rescued from Ukraine? Plans for their move to our sanctuary in South Africa are near fruition – we hope this spring! Meanwhile Simba, the young lion you helped rehome in 2022 after he was found abandoned in a garage in Moscow, will move into his new, purpose-built enclosure giving him a larger and more enriching lifetime home at Animanatura Wild Sanctuary.

Talking of big cats, we’re about to celebrate 20 golden years of our tiger programme in India. Can you believe tiger numbers have increased 2½ times since this began?! Other impactful conservation action planned for this year include a new ‘Safari Science’ initiative to encourage tourists to monitor wild lions, ‘conflict toolkits’ to help farmers humanely deter elephants in Kenya, plus employing local people to protect rare gorillas in Cameroon.

We never forget the plight of wild animals in captivity and this year will redouble efforts to stop dolphins being exploited for ‘entertainment’ in Europe. We’ll also seek tighter rules on the legal trade in exotic pets in the UK and Europe, AND work to secure a global agreement to combat devastating illegal wildlife trade – animals aren’t commodities to be bought and sold!

With a UK election expected, we aim to persuade ALL political parties to adopt progressive measures to restore nature and protect wild animals – from ending cruel badger culling to stopping grotesque hunting trophy imports. And, with your help, we won’t stop campaigning until the UK is an elephant-free zone.

Watch this space for some major news for schools. And with a new Junior Ambassador, climate change mitigation in Kenya and a bespoke conservation curriculum in Cameroon, much positivity looms on the education horizon as well.

Of course, all this awe-inspiring work for wildlife is only possible because of our loyal supporters who share our vision for a kinder world. Together, let’s resolve to make 2024 Born Free’s best year ever for wild animals!