Born free fights extinction through technology


Born Free is partnering with the British International Education Association’s 2019 International STEM* Youth Innovation Competition.

Officially launched at the Royal Institution in London today, the theme of this year’s competition is fighting extinction through technology. It aims to bring together and inspire educators and young people from around the world.

The use of technology in the protection of endangered wildlife has had mixed reviews from field conservationists, relating to both its value and impact. However, further consideration of how to harness emerging technology to enhance conservation efforts with the least impact on individual animals is needed. Effectively using technology to help protect and monitor wildlife populations could be the difference between extinction and survival for some of the world’s most threatened species.

Howard Jones, Born Free CEO, said: “Born Free is especially pleased to be involved with this event and partnering with BIEA. Both here at home, and around the world in the many nations that we carry out our work, we build upon the principle that education is key to co-existence between humans and wild animals, and is fundamentally important to sustainable futures.

“Everything we do and say is about learning, and as the challenge to our work becomes harder, it is increasingly important that we build movements for change that apply technologies to carry our message.”

David Hanson, Chairman, BIEA STEM, added: “We hope our chosen topic will not only illustrate to the audience the importance of technological innovation when it comes to environmental protection efforts, but also inspire the next generation of STEM graduates to put their minds to solving this pressing world issue.”

Some 57 student teams from 13 countries have already pre-registered for the 2019 event and we look forward to welcoming even more. For more information or to sign up (deadline 31st March 2019), visit:

*Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics