Ban on hunting trophy imports a step closer


The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill received an unopposed third reading from MPs in the Commons today, marking a step closer to the banning of gruesome trophy souvenirs being brought back to the UK.

The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill, tabled by Crawley MP Henry Smith, moved a step closer to becoming law when it received its Third Reading in the House of Commons today.

The Bill is designed to prevent British hunters who kill animals overseas that belong to threatened species that are protected by international convention, from bringing their trophies back to Britain.

Reacting to the news, Born Free’s Head of Policy Dr Mark Jones said: “Trophy hunting is a cruel relic of a colonial past that results in massive animal suffering and damages already threatened populations of wild animals, while providing few benefits for the local communities that live alongside wildlife, so we very much welcome the progress made in the House of Commons today.

“While this Bill won’t ban trophy hunting – the UK government is in no position to ban hunting in other countries – it will prevent British citizens who pay to kill animals in other countries for fun from bringing their trophies back home, and hopefully make them think again. It also sends a clear signal that, with wildlife in crisis, allowing rich people to kill wild animals for kicks has no place in the modern world.”

The Bill will now move to the House of Lords. Born Free will be doing all we can to ensure it passes into law as soon as possible, and will update you once we know more about the Lords’ procedure and timetable.



You can find out more about Born Free’s position on Trophy Hunting here:


Ending the import of hunting trophies is also a key part of our UK Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Manifesto, launched in February 2023.