Junior Ambassadors: Thea Caine

A photo of Thea Caine sitting down in the long grass


Hi, my name is Thea and I’m passionate about making a positive difference for wildlife.

I’ve always loved nature and, since I was five, I’ve been doing all I can to help animals and our planet. I started by volunteering with my local wildlife group and making mini documentaries to raise awareness of the threats that animals face.

I also wanted to raise money for wildlife charities including Born Free. My Born Free fundraising started with their Big Cat Nap where I did a week of big cat themed challenges and I continue to do this every year! I like to do lots of different challenges to help raise money for Born Free, the toughest so far has been the junior Great North Run.

I was incredibly proud to be Born Free’s first Hear the Roar!! Superstar, by completing all 5 tasks: Spreading the Word, Educating Others, Influencing Policy, Taking Action and Supporting Field Work.

I often write to politicians and decision makers about protecting our planet, most recently about protecting our seas from plastic pollution and making sure the future of farming is sustainable for biodiversity and the environment.

In 2020 I was invited to Westminster by the Climate Coalition as a Green Heart Hero Future Leader Award Finalist for my awareness raising work for wildlife and the climate.

I am honoured to be a Junior Ambassador for Born Free. My aim is to inspire people to take action today, because tomorrow could be too late. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Tigers are my favourite animal and one day I would love to see them in the wild but more importantly I dream of thriving populations of tigers and other wild animals living in harmony with people. Let’s make this happen.