Junior Ambassadors: Leo Sordello-Savale

Leo Sordello-Savale

Leo Sordello-Savale

Hi, my name is Leo and I’m passionate about protecting nature and animals!

I’ve loved nature and animals since I was very young, feeding birds and watching squirrels and tadpoles in my local park in South London. But when I was six, lockdown started. I felt quite lonely, and I missed nature and wildlife very much. So, I started making videos about endangered animals and created my YouTube channel called Leo’s Animal Planet.

Every month, I make a video about an endangered animal, how important they are and how we can save them. It’s also a great platform for children around the world to learn English – my videos are watched by schools in the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, and the United States!

Everything I do is to raise awareness and funds in order to save animals. Money I earn from my YouTube videos is donated to animal charities. I’ve also organised races and sold badges, cakes and even created a T-shirt shop to raise money to save animals. I’ve raised over £3,000 for charities since I started.

I’m also very keen to rewild my school and my neighbourhood. Everyone deserves to have access to nature.

In 2022, I was awarded the Point of Lights award from the Prime Minister’s office, as well as the UK Young Animal Hero Award. I’ve also won the Dr Mary Griffin Jones Award at the Young Eco Awards 2023, and the Young Nature Storyteller Award at the We Naturalists Nature Awards 2023. I donated my prizes to the animal charities I support, and to my school rewilding project.

I am so honoured to be a Junior Ambassador for Born Free. My late grandmother was a Born Free supporter, and it makes me so happy to be supporting Born Free too! My aim is to inspire children to take action to protect endangered animals, to stop captivity and animal cruelty. Let’s all make a world where animals can run wild and free! Rewild!