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Dangerous Wild Animals: Take Action


Born Free believes that the keeping of dangerous wild animals as ‘pets’ in the UK is a subject that urgently needs addressing and change.

We are calling for the Government to review and reform laws on the private keeping of Dangerous Wild Animals.

Below you will find a number of actions you can take to help resolve the situation.

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How You Can Help


Use the link below to write to your MP using our template letter.

Politely but firmly ask them to support Born Free’s call for a comprehensive review of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act and its Schedule, and point out that decisions on whether or not wild animals can be kept as pets should be based on:

  • Whether individual animal welfare needs can be fully met, and owners have the necessary qualifications and experience
  • Whether the trade is likely to compromise the conservation of species in the wild
  • Potential environmental concerns, such as the escape of invasive species
  • Full consideration of the risks to public and animal health & safety, including zoonoses

Download our template letter     Write to your MP

Find out if there are dangerous wild animals near you

You can find out whether your Local Authority has licensed the keeping of any Dangerous Wild Animals in our area by using our  map.

Dangerous Wild Animals Map

Concerned about dangerous wild animals in your area?

If you are concerned about dangerous wild animals being kept in your area, write to your district or county councillors using the link below. Detail your concerns, and ask whether the necessary Local Authority checks have been made and licences issued regarding any dangerous wild animals in their area.


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Support Our Work

You can help Born Free in its campaign for review and reform of laws on the private keeping of Dangerous Wild Animals by making a donation today.

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