Born Free opposes the keeping of wild or exotic animals as pets, and the associated trade in live animals.

Born Free is increasingly concerned by the number of exotic pets being kept; both legally and illegally. The international trade in wild animals as 'exotic pets' is estimated to be worth billions of pounds annually and involves millions of individual animals. 

Wild animals, whether they are caught from the wild or born in captivity, have complex needs that cannot be met by private keepers in a domestic environment. There are many animal welfare issues involved and the staggering number of dangerous wild animals kept privately is also a genuine risk to human safety. 

Born Free investigates and exposes the 'exotic pet' industry and challenges both the legal and illegal trade in wild animals. We campaign for national and international legislation to reduce and, where possible, end this practice.

We proudly rescue individual animals that have either been kept as pets or captured from the wild to supply the demand of the pet trade. We provide them with a high standard of lifetime care in sanctuaries or – where possible – return them to life in the wild..





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