Two adults and a little boy looking at a chimpanzee through a mesh fence, in a zoo enclosure

Visiting Zoos

For families and schools – whether you wish to talk to young people about captive wild animals or are concerned about an upcoming visit, we have resources for you.

Whether you are planning a trip to the zoo with your class, or your child has been invited to a birthday party involving captive wild animals, it’s important to enable young people to understand how these activities can have a negative impact on the animals involved. 

In the links below you will find a range of resources designed for teachers to have open discussions, debates and classroom sessions with children and young people, so they can come to their own conclusions as to whether wild animals should be kept in captivity, or they should take part in trips to zoos. As well as template letters for families who may wish to raise concerns about an upcoming school trip or party including captive wild animals, alongside ideas for a range of alternative trips and activities that will inspire young people to love and care for and protect wildlife and the environment.

Resources for families & teachers