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Ian Redmond OBE

Ian Redmond OBE, Born Free’s Senior Wildlife Consultant

Head shot of Ian Redmond OBE

Are you looking for a speaker for a university course, society event or student union activity?

Ian is a tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. He has been a wildlife consultant with Born Free since 1986.

Having authored books, articles, reports and scientific papers Ian has been involved in the development of virtual reality as a tool for conservation education, is currently working with RebalanceEarth to develop new ways of financing conservation and serves as Head of Conservation for Ecoflix.

Talks Available:

Gardeners of the forest

In tropical forests, where between 75-95% of tree species have their seeds dispersed by animals, rather than by wind or water, the loss of fruit-eating animals would have a catastrophic impact …fewer frugivorous animals, fewer seedlings growing into the trees of tomorrow.

The reluctant conservationist

“I am a naturalist by birth, a biologist by training, and a conservationist by necessity”. Delve into the past 40 years of Ian’s international career and the species and individuals he has encountered along the way.

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