A group of lionesses raoring

Hear the Roar!!


Hear the Roar!! is a free, biannual magazine created for primary schools who want to give their students opportunities to learn more about the natural world whilst developing vital reading skills.
Each magazine is packed full of wildlife news, incredible animal facts, thought-provoking articles, puzzles and quizzes – all to inspire your class to love everything WILD!!

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Catch up on previous editions of Hear the Roar!! to share with your class.

Hear The Roar!! – Issue 9

Read about the positive power of bats, learn all about pangolins and find out how to create a mini wildlife pond!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 8

Everything you need to know about plankton, learn how marine mammals measure-up and do you believe in seagulls?

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 7

Discover the positive power of the pride, meet our inspirational Virginia McKenna, and make your own lion mask!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 6

Find out about the real king of the jungle… the jaguar, learn why we must protect orangutans, and enjoy an art masterclass!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 5

Make your own garden bird feeder, learn more about migrating wild birds, and discover which type of vulture you are!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 4

Meet the animals living in extreme climates, find out how we rescue orphaned bear cubs, and learn all about biodiversity!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 3

Learn about sone amazing species which have been rediscovered, and meet inspirational young wildlife warriors!

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 2

Draw a perfect pangolin portrait, become a wildlife detective by learning to recognise animal footprints, and more!
Hear the Roar Issue 1

Hear the Roar!! – Issue 1

Create your own bee-friendly garden, learn all about cheetahs, and be surprised by the positive power of poo!