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A family of elephants, including a baby, crossing a river together

The Value of Nature

Join Born Free as we hear from Ian Redmond OBE, exploring the idea of ecosystem services, natural capital and nature-based solutions and asking the question – can we and should we put a value on nature.

UK Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Manifesto 2023

Born Free's UK Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Manifesto, published in 2023. This document lays out what the next UK government, regardless of which political party it may be, needs to prioritise for animal welfare, using independent research on what is important to constituents across the UK.
The head of a dead lion

Born Free Manifesto Survey Report

A detailed summary of the UK-wide research conducted by Opinion Matters in December 2022. The research was undertaken to understand and highlight the public’s desire for wildlife protection and animal welfare to feature heavily in future party manifestos, ahead of the next General Election.