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A lioness walking through long grass

World Wildlife Day with Virginia McKenna

To celebrate both World Book Day on 2nd March and World Wildlife Day on the 3rd March 2023, our education team was joined by a very special guest, Dame Virginia McKenna, as she read a child-friendly version of the Born Free story.
A blue, red and yellow macaw flying over the landscape

Last Chance to Paint: The Amazon

Join Born Free to meet artist John Dyer, founder of environmental art project, Last Chance To Paint. Find out amazing facts about the animals of the Amazon, learn about the people that live there, and paint along to create your own macaw masterpiece.
A family of elephants, including a baby, crossing a river together

The Value of Nature

Join Born Free as we hear from Ian Redmond OBE, exploring the idea of ecosystem services, natural capital and nature-based solutions and asking the question – can we and should we put a value on nature.