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An adult giraffe standing with two young giraffes in the savannah

Saving Africa’s Giants

Join the Born Free Education team, along with a colleague from Kenya, to learn all about the amazing wildlife found in Meru National Park. Focussing on the threats faced by elephants and giraffes and what the team is doing to protect them.
A large adult rhino in lush green surroundings

Last Chance to Paint: Project Sudan

Join Born Free’s Education Team, with guest John Dyer, as they speak about the Last Chance to Paint project and Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who started John’s journey. With opportunities for students to paint along.
A pangolin clinging upside down on a tree branch

Plight of the pangolin

Watch one of our past school events, ‘Plight of the Pangolin’ here. Learn more about the most fascinating species that you have never heard of! Learn about the amazing lives of pangolins, their adaptations and the many threats that they face.
Two tigers sitting together

Where Did All The Animals Go?

Watch one of our past school events, ‘Where Did All The Animals Go? Meet artist Jane Lee McCracken and learn about how her art and environmental education project is connecting children to endangered wildlife from around the world.