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Born Free Champions


Born Free’s Champions are our rock – a presence we rely on through thick and thin, although never take as a given.

Becoming a Born Free Champion is an opportunity to become part of an exclusive group of like-minded people who share Born Free’s values, passion and conviction, and want to make a real difference to wildlife. Collectively our Champions, with a common goal, can achieve greater impact together.

Every year, the Born Free Champions have the opportunity jointly to fund and deliver a Born Free priority in the year ahead – one of the essential aspects of our work that allows us to continue to be a champion for wildlife.


It’s all about collective impact and helping Born Free where we need it most. These may not always be aspects of our work that attract the headlines, but we promise that funding our most important work will always be at the forefront of our Born Free Champions support.

Will Travers OBE, Executive President, Born Free

Making a vital contribution to lifetime care in 2023/24

Lions King, a male, and Thea, a female, lying on the ground together

Born Free rescued lions King and Thea at their sanctuary home

In this inaugural year of the Born Free Champions, the priority being funded by our Champions is the lifetime care of our rescued wild cats.

Born Free currently provides lifetime care to nearly 200 wild animals, who have been rescued but are unable to ever return to a life in the wild. These animals are thankfully able to enjoy the next best thing – a place they can live in spacious enclosures, amidst natural habitat, free from harm and with the best care to meet their needs.

Catherine Gilson, Born Free Manager of Shamwari Big Cat Rescue Centre in South Africa, said: “Without the generosity of our amazing supporters, the vital work that our team does would be impossible. The passion of our Animal Care team ensures the well-being of the big cats in our care and the dedication of our Education team who work tirelessly in our local communities and schools to spread the message of ‘Keeping Wildlife in the Wild’.”

To continue our essential work, there is a pressing need for funds. The cost of feed, veterinary care and any medication, as well as maintaining the wild sanctuaries, and staffing them with well qualified people, all needs funding – and this is where you can help, by becoming a Champion.

For the 45 wild cats currently in Born Free’s care, there is a total annual cost of £424,801 to cover their food, shelter and veterinary bills. We are fortunate to have funding partners and lifetime care supporters for part of these costs, but there is still £210,000 to be raised for the current financial year.

What are the benefits of being a Champion?

Join our Pride – and, as a Champion, we will be able to offer you the following exclusive benefits as our special thanks:

  • A special pin badge for Champions that can be worn with pride
  • Online or physical updates three times a year on our animals in Lifetime Care – their challenges and progress across Born Free sanctuaries, including Shamwari Big Cat Sanctuary, Ensessa Kotteh Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre, and Partner Sanctuaries Panthera Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and Animanatura Wild Sanctuary in Italy.
  • An exclusive Annual Lecture to which only Champions are invited. Presentations will be given by the frontline rangers, vets, and Programme leaders highlighting the difference your generous contribution has made. It’s a unique opportunity to meet other Champions, ask questions, and hear exclusively from our Executive President and Co-Founder, Will Travers, and the Born Free Team about the work they have been doing with your help
  • Special invitations to Born Free events
  • A dedicated contact at Born Free, for any questions or support needed – email Leah Mitchell

To register now, please use the link below.

Three lions sit in long grass looking into the distance

Become a Born Free Champion

To become a Born Free Champion, we are asking our valued supporters for a minimum gift of £1,000 a year – or a Direct Debit from £83.30 per month.

If you would like to give a higher amount, we of course appreciate every extra penny, and you can update the amount you would like to give in the payment form.

To join, please click the link below, or call our supporter care team on 01403 24017.

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