Today is the day for saving elephants!

22 September 2021


This Elephant Appreciation Day sees just two weeks left to support mammoth new book by Born Free and acclaimed photographer Alwyn R Coates.


Three black and white images of wild elephants

“On Elephant Appreciation Day we need to realise how lucky we are to still live in a world with wild elephants.  Alwyn’s wonderful book, Saving Elephants, reminds us why we need to do all we can to make sure wild elephants survive, and thrive, long into the future. I will be buying a copy – I hope you will too.” – Virginia McKenna OBE

There are just two weeks left to pledge support for Saving Elephants, an important new photographic book, filled with stunning fine art images, by internationally acclaimed photographer Alwyn R Coates.

The book is the culmination of many years’ work by Coates, who travelled throughout Africa to capture the stunning shots of wild elephants. The images creatively portray the lives of elephants in beautiful sepia tones and powerful black and white images. A celebration of how elephants should be… wild and free, set against the incredible backdrop of Kenya.

Born Free’s Co-Founder and Executive President, Will Travers OBE, said: “Wild African elephant numbers have fallen from 1.3 million in 1979 to perhaps 400,000 today. There are just 40,000 wild Asian elephants. Ivory poaching, habitat loss, persecution, conflict with a rapidly growing human population, have all taken their toll. But it is not too late to prevent a disaster becoming a crisis. On Elephant Appreciation Day we have the opportunity to reboot our relationship with elephants, and pledge to do what we can to secure the future for a species that symbolises all that is wild and free. If we cannot save wild elephants then no species is safe. But if we can, then there is hope for all life on earth. Buying Saving Elephants and supporting Born Free will truly make a difference. If not now, when?”

Photographer, Alwyn Coates, said: “Today on earth, wildlife doesn’t have much time and it certainly doesn’t have much space. I saw first-hand how climate change was affecting wildlife, as well as humans, during the worst drought in Kenyan History. When Amboseli turned to dust, was when I decided on the name and theme for my new book, Saving Elephants.” 

£15,000 has already been pledged to support the Kickstarter, with £5,000 remaining to reach the £20,000 target. Once this has been reached, the book will go into production, with all profits from sales benefitting Born Free’s work to protect elephants in Meru National Park, Kenya. If the target is exceeded, more books will be printed and sold.