The amazing Mfalme

05 July 2022


Victor Cheruiyot, our driver in Meru National Park in Kenya, shares his thoughts on this awesome alpha male lion!

I’m now clocking seven years, working in Kenya’s Meru National Park and it has been a great journey. Monitoring lions has given me a better understanding of how lions live and their behaviours.

Victor Cheruiyot

Victor Cheruiyot

We have monitored different individuals and classified them in various prides – Mulika, Virginia, Bisanadi, Elsa’s, Kenmare and Nb coalition.

Mfalme is a one in a million, he has probably had the roughest of times however he is very resilient. He survived being chased from Elsa’s pride by a coalition of Mangerete and Solio, he took over the Mulika pride, specifically G-Coy which is a sub-group of Mulika; and loved the young cubs that he didn’t father.

After disappearing for some months without being spotted he resurfaced and he was spotted again with an injury, by one of the Elsa’s Kopje guides. After a long search, he was located and treated by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) vet, he had many scars and injures, proof of the vigorous battles he had fought.

The last sighting was on 11th May 2022, with Bisanadi pride female Nkirote still challenging the translocated males who have currently taken over Bisanadi pride. He is still going strong!