Saving servals

2 December 2021


Born Free is working towards giving four rescued cats a new South African home in 2022!

Kinrooi, Mechelen, Roeselare and Diepenbeek, were all kept illegally as pets in Belgium, before being rescued and taken into the expert care of our partners at Natuurhulpcentrum – an emergency halfway house for wild animals.

Native to Africa, servals are naturally elusive, wild cats, but sadly, have become popular in many countries as ‘exotic pets’, and even bred with domestic cats to produce savannah cat hybrids.

We are excited to announce that we are now making arrangements to move the four servals to a spacious lifetime home they deserve in the Born Free section of Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. We have funded four new enclosures, which are now awaiting their arrival.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, but with generous public support, we hope to be able to transport Kinrooi, Mechelen, Roeselare and Diepenbeek, named after the Belgian cities where they were found, to their new home in 2022, subject to travel restrictions.

Watch out for exciting news and ways to help in the New Year!