Remembering Bill Travers MBE


Today we fondly remember our Co-Founder Bill Travers MBE, who passed away on 29th March 1994. In this very special blog, our Co-Founder Virginia McKenna OBE reflects on his life

On March 29th it will be 25 years since my husband, Bill, died. A quarter of a century. However you say it, it is a very long time.

But my memories of our 37 years together have never faded, and always fill me with joy and gratitude for the incredible life we had together.

Those feelings are a constant part of me. And, of course, they live on through our four deeply-loved children, and their children.

Living still in our family home, I feel his presence protecting us, reminding me of the many incredible experiences we shared – not least of which was making the film Born Free, and subsequently founding our charity with Will – our eldest son – in 1984.

Bill was a deep thinker, a fearless and tireless campaigner against injustice – especially on behalf of those who have no voice.

I have always believed his relentless and exhausting mission, to unveil the reality of captivity endured – day in, day out – by countless innocent wild creatures in zoos and circuses, eventually took its toll. Suddenly, and with little warning, he was gone.

However, his spirit remains a shining example we will be true to – always. He is still here.