Remembering Baba ya Simba

20 August 2023


Today holds a special and heartfelt significance for Born Free. We remember Baba ya Simba, the ‘Father of Lions,’ George Adamson, who was tragically killed in Kenya on this day in 1989.

George played a crucial role in releasing captive lions, like Christian shown in the picture, back into their natural habitat. A man of few words, he was always true to his beliefs and his friends.

He inspired and continues to inspire countless people all over the world.

Thinking of George on this anniversary, our Co-Founder Dame Virginia McKenna said:

“One of my most treasured memories was when George, returning from an eye operation in Austria, stayed with Bill and myself for over a month, recording interviews with Bill which were later transcribed and became his final book ‘My Pride and Joy’. To spend so much time with him – even though the Surrey Hills was far from being his ‘natural habitat’ – was one of the most precious moments of my life.”

Join us in remembering George today.