Plant trees & share water to stop conflict & save wildlife!


Born Free Kenya Community Officer, Charles Njorge

Born Free is working with Equity Bank to protect and restore natural habitats near Meru National Park, Kenya.

Planting trees is one of the greatest and cheapest ways of eliminating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while also providing a host of other ecological and economic benefits. Planting trees can help prevent soil erosion and ensure the survival of forests – essential providers of ecosystem services such as maintaining and restoring soil fertility and protecting water sources.

This is why Born Free has been planting literally thousands of trees, in collaboration with Equity Bank, Maua Branch, one of Kenya’s leading banks. We first identify key areas to plant trees, then decide which species would prosper, before planting seedlings and maintaining them with the help of the local communities.

For example, in recent years we have planted 1,500 trees at Kathithine Primary School, 2,000 trees at Kanjoo Primary and Secondary Schools, and 1,000 trees at Mwomwere Gakungu water catchment area.

Born Free values our vital collaboration with Equity Bank and plans to continue planting trees with communities and partners in the Meru Conservation Area. By planting trees we can support local people and contribute to both national and global initiatives to combat climate change.

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Climate Change and biodiversity loss

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