Meet Born Free Patron Eliza Marshall

05 May 2023


World-renowned for her brilliance on flutes and whistles, Eliza Marshall is a cherished part of the Born Free family.

Hear from Born Free Patron and world-renowned flautist Eliza Marshall about her Freedom to Roam tour.

You’re taking Freedom to Roam on tour! What was your original inspiration for the album and concert?

I was inspired to represent all the issues so vital today – our connection with nature, our need for compassion, the positive solutions we need to hear more about – in one musical and visual extravaganza, whilst raising funds for charities and producing an uplifting event through music, film and visual art.

Why did you now want to go on tour?

This project won awards, five-star reviews and had six standing ovations last year. We have exquisite music from writers Catrin Finch, Jackie Shave, Donal Rogers and myself, and it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to raise more money and share our stories with people across England and Wales. Hear harp, flutes, tablas, violins, guitars, cello and more, along with a new documentary and visual artwork – it’s an exciting event that has to be seen to be believed.

Can Born Free supporters buy tickets?

They sure can –

You’re kindly raising funds for Born Free on tour, why was this important for you?

I’m extremely proud to be a patron with the Born Free Foundation – whilst Freedom To Roam represents compassion for all living things, the Born Free Foundation have fought for years to Keep Wildlife In The Wild. The passion of Virginia McKenna, Will Travers and the whole team at Born Free is contagious, and what they continue to do for wildlife is a topic very close to my heart. I am vehemently anti trophy hunting, and a strong advocate for a world with more compassion for both humans and animals.

Is music a good way to connect people with wildlife?

It really is! Not only do animals love music (!) – but, we can express feelings and share ideas more through the medium of music than any other form of communication. Music touches people, it brings us together and our film, which features Virginia and Will, allows us to discuss issues which the music can then represent.

Any other plans in the pipeline with Born Free?

Absolutely – watch this space!

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