Lions for Life

24 January 2023


To mark World Education Day 2023, Born Free’s Head of Education, Laura Gosset, reports on our fascinating, interactive new film, part of our extensive library of free, downloadable resources for schools.

Photo of three lionesses lying down fasing to the right, one in the foreground and two behind

Wild lions are facing catastrophe. With numbers declining 90% from some 200,000 a century ago, to just 20,000 today, lions could become extinct across much of their wild range within 30 years. Aided by supporters, Born Free is working hard to keep them safe and secure their future. 

As top predators, lions play a really important role in the environment. They help to keep herbivore numbers in check which then helps to ensure that vegetation is protected. This cycle, when in balance, ensures that there is enough food and resources for everyone.

However, faced with climate change, land conversion, habitat fragmentation, prey depilation and negative human wildlife interactions, lions are in trouble, with implications for environmental stability and therefore human societies.

To try and increase understanding of these threats, the vital role of apex predators and to touch on what can be done to address these issues, Born Free’s Education team has produced a captivating new film, Lions for Life.

Watch the full film here (20 minutes)

To accompany this film, we have also launched three sets of resources for KS3 students in the UK – linking videos, PowerPoints and student activities – which can be downloaded free from our website.

Download our free teaching resources

In addition, over the coming six months we plan to adapt the film for use in Ethiopia, South Africa and Kenya to support learning within a variety of school and community settings.

Happy learning!