Lessons from the amazon


Born Free’s Laura Gosset introduces an innovative project for children to connect with the natural world through art.

With the many threats facing our planet, it’s important that children learn to value the environment and wildlife by connecting with nature.

To deliver an innovative new art project, we have teamed up with John Dyer, the artist in residence at the Eden Project. This project will bring the Amazon rainforest directly into the classroom through Last Chance to Paint – Spirit of the Rainforest.

The project connects children, using art and technology, with tribal culture, wildlife and the rainforest. John will report live from the Amazon, as he learns about the Yawanawá people of Brazil along with the vegetation and wildlife that can be found in the rainforest – taking children on a journey to discover their connection to the forest through art. This exciting insight into life in the Amazon, will allow children to create a personal connection and appreciation of the rainforest, whilst generating amazing pieces of personal art.

John will be talking to the tribe, exploring the rainforest and teaching children how to paint. Their artwork will be exhibited on the online gallery. Schools can download the free teaching resources pack and sign up to view the latest videos and blogs. Pupils will also be able to ask lots of questions which John will answer as part of his live broadcasts.

This unique learning experience allows schools to participate in lessons from the comfort of their own classroom – with the advantage of no travel and no zoos.

How fantastic for children to learn first-hand the importance of the rainforest, its inhabitants and the value of biodiversity in our ever-changing world. By engaging children through their art and establishing a connection with the natural world, we hope this will stimulate a lifelong passion to want to protect the environment for years to come.

Last Chance to Paint – Spirit of the Rainforest runs from 5-14th June and more interactive chapters are planned. In September, John will visit Borneo. We hope you will join in and participate in these wonderful experiences.