20 November 2017

Jalawi is a new project run by the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust to make use of wire snares collected through anti-poaching operations in Malawi. This project helps upcycle snare wire, provides an income for a local women’s group and supports the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit by offering animal friendly souvenirs.

Thanks to you, in August, Born Free were able to award a Global Friends grant for the purchase of the start-up materials for this project, which is supporting LWT’s ‘Stop Wildlife Crime’ campaign while providing a more sustainable livelihood for local women.

This beautiful jewellery is being sold at local farmer’s markets in Lilongwe to provide tourists with an alternative to wildlife product based souvenirs. In the past the options for such products were limited, encouraging the purchase of ivory or other animal based products.

In fact, on their first day, they completely sold out in the first hour!!!

A simple idea with a far reaching aim.


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