Help put nature and animal welfare on the agenda in this general election

By writing to your local prospective parliamentary candidates, you can show the UK’s political parties that their stance on nature will influence our votes.

The UK Houses of Parliament at sunrise

The UK’s General Election is just a few short weeks away. However, despite the crisis facing biodiversity – a crisis that ultimately impacts us all – the protection of our precious wildlife and the welfare of both free-living and captive wild animals have barely featured in the election debates.

It is vital that we ensure parliamentary candidates from all political parties understand that, while animals don’t have votes, we do, and that their approach to nature protection and the welfare of animals will influence how we cast our votes.

To make it easy to tell parliamentary candidates how we feel, we have set up a simple form that will allow anyone in the UK to contact all the candidates in their constituency, and raise the key wildlife issues that you want to see your future Member of Parliament prioritise.


We have created a template email, addressed to your prospective candidates, which you can complete by including any, or all, of seven key priorities taken from Born Free’s UK Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Manifesto, which we published last year.

All you have to do is fill in your details, and select the priorities you’d like to feature. You’ll have the chance to add to or edit the email with your own additional priorities if you wish, and then you just need to click ‘send now’. The message will automatically be sent from your email address to the candidates who are registered to run in your constituency, and you will receive a copy in your inbox.


To make it easier to speak to your local candidates in person, we have also created a print-friendly list of questions concerning nature and wildlife to keep handy for any canvassers visiting door-to-door, or at any local hustings event you attend.


There has never been a more important time to speak up for nature and wild animals – together we will show political leaders that we won’t stop campaigning until wildlife is given the protection in law that it deserves.


Help put nature and wildlife on the agenda

Hear from Born Free's Head of Policy, Dr Mark Jones, on why speaking up for nature is important in this year's general election.