Farewell jasper



JASPER: 1998 – 2019

We are heartbroken to announce that Jasper, our magnificent Indochinese tiger, has passed away.

Jasper, who was cared for at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia, had reached the grand age of 21 but had showed signs of slowing down over the past six months.

Back in 1998, Jasper was rescued from poachers at just a few weeks old. Destined for life in a tiger farm or zoo, he was sickly and malnourished. However, thanks to the care of a specialist veterinary team, and support from wildlife lovers around the world, he made a full recovery and was given a life-long home at the Rescue Centre, where he enjoyed a quiet life in his natural bush enclosure. 

Although he had lived at the sanctuary for most of his life, Jasper behaved a lot like a tiger living in the wild. He loved to stay under the radar, and was an expert at hiding amongst rocks and vegetation. He also loved to cool off in the shady pool within his forest home.

Born Free’s Animal Rescue and Care Manager Maggie Balaskas, said: “Jasper was a beautiful boy and will be sorely missed by everyone at Born Free, as well as everyone who kindly adopted him over the years. We grateful for the generous public support, which enabled Jasper to live a long and happy life free from harm.”