Could you win this prestigious award?

Born Free’s annual Primate Society of Great Britain Conservation (PSGB) Grant is open for applications!

A young chimpanzee in the forest, smiling at the camera

(c) Limbe Wildlife Centre

Born Free is delighted to announce that applications are open for the 2024 Primate Society of Great Britain Conservation Grant. Primate Society of Great Britain (PSGB) and Born Free offer an annual £1,500 grant to support range state nationals working with threatened primates. 

Through our yearly grant, Born Free has supported many conservationists working on endangered primate research and conservation. Over the years, our funding has contributed to the study and protection of a wide variety of species, including the red-bellied guenon, white-thighed colobus, olive colobus, Barbary macaques, Preuss’ red colobus, western chimpanzees, spider monkeys and, most recently, Mount Kenya black-and-white colobus.

The 2023 conservation grant was awarded to Camille Wekesa from Ontulili Primates Protection (OPP). OPP is a community-based organisation operating on a five mile (eight kilometre) stretch of the Ontulili river – a world renowned conservation area and home to several world heritage sites. The goal of this project is to secure and restore the Ontulili River Riparian Corridor habitat, in the foothills of Mount Kenya, to conserve Mount Kenya black-and-white colobus monkeys (Colobus guereza kikuyuensis). The Ontulili river also supports other primates such as baboon and Sykes’ monkey as well as various wildlife: leopard, serval cat, bushbuck, antelope, hyena, hyrax, a large variety of birdlife, and many other species.

“OPP’s main aims as a community-based organization are to restore the riverine habitat along the Ontulili river, in Nanyuki, Kenya, educate the local community about human-primate co-existence and instil a love of nature, the environment and primates and wildlife to the next generation of young Kenyans through art education and creativity” explains Camille Wekesa, Chair of OPP.

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Deadline for applications is March 1st 2024.