Bring the lion in this winter

25 November 2021


World renowned wildlife photographer George Logan brings the heat of the African plains into our homes this festive season, with his book of stunning images, Lion: Pride Before The Fall – also available for the first time as an eco-friendly e-book.

It’s not just the countdown to Christmas that is on this year, with fewer than 20,000 African lions remaining in the wild, the clock is ticking for the future of one of our most iconic species.

To protect and re-establish prides of this magnificent creature, acclaimed photographer George Logan, in partnership with Born Free, is raising funds for their survival through sales of his book Lion: The Pride Before The Fall.

The collection of incredible imagery is the culmination of more than a decade of George’s work with Born Free following and photographing wild lions. It is with great pride that through his ‘Last Lions of Meru Fund’, proceeds from the book will directly benefit animals in the very location famed for the release of Elsa the Lioness. 

This year alone, conservation work in Kenya’s Meru National Park has produced lasting change, with new cubs being born and Born Free’s field team rescuing one young lion from a potentially lethal snare.

Despite such successes the fate of wild lions is in peril. Therefore, in addition to powerful photography Lion: The Pride Before The Fall captures the threats faced by the species in series of conceptual digital images. Canned hunting, habitat loss, trophy-hunting and human-wildlife conflict are brought to life in moving and thought-provoking images, created through a unique collaboration with some of the UK’s top creative agencies.

Award-winning photographer, George Logan said: “The lion is Africa’s signature wild animal, yet it has vanished from 90% of its historic range. In my lifetime, their numbers have dropped from approximately 100,000 to less than 20,000. At the current decline, they will be gone from the wild by the middle of this century. This seems ironically perverse, when everywhere you look you see lions. Except where it matters most. In the wild.”

Born Free Co-Founder, Virginia McKenna OBE, said: “This remarkable book opens our eyes and hearts to the beauty of nature and of wild animals. We are in Africa, home to one of our planet’s most magnificent and yet vulnerable wild creatures. Lions, the symbol of power and strength have, all too often, had their other characteristics forgotten or ignored.  Loving, loyal, protecting of their young – and also jealous, competitive and ferocious. No one, in my view, more strikingly has caught the multiple dimensions of lions’ behaviour and depth of character than George Logan.”

Lion: Pride Before The Fall is available to buy, priced at £45 for a hard-copy or just £10 for an environmentally friendly e-book.