Born free team rescues injured young lion in Kenya

1 August 2023


Thanks to the swift action of our Meru field team, an injured young lioness – a member of our adopted Elsa’s Pride – has been successfully treated in Meru National Park.

Funded by supporters and adopters, Born Free’s dedicated field team – which includes locally employed rangers who remove snares and reduce poaching in our charity’s heartland of Meru National Park in Kenya – has helped the Kenya Wildlife Service rescue an injured lion. Cheri is a beautiful young lioness, born in November 2020 to Mururi Girl 2, and an integral part of Elsa’s Pride – Born Free’s extensive adopted family. 

“Our team was out in the field when they came across some of Elsa’s Pride cubs under an acacia tree,” explains Born Free’s Fundraising & Communications Manager Ivy Malemba. “As they were taking photos for our records, our Field Assistant Moses Gitonga noticed one of the lions was injured, with a deep wound on her head – probably the result of a skirmish with another lion. He immediately called the Kenya Wildlife Service vet who, fortunately, was in the area and was able to dart then treat the youngster.

“Thanks to their swift action, overseen by our Saving Meru’s Giants Manager Newton Simiyu, Cheri (see picture right) received the care she needed to recover,” Ivy continued. “She and her brother Hunter had been previously recently spotted walking in a group of six cubs, perhaps temporarily separated from their mother during the mating season. It would seem nature has its way of teaching these young lions essential life skills! Born Free’s team will now be keeping a careful eye on the group to ensure Cheri fully recovers.”

Born Free has been hard at work in Meru – the park where Elsa the lioness was returned to the wild – since 2014, and is working with Kenya Wildlife Service to restore the park to former glory, with a special focus on lion, elephant, giraffe and rhino conservation. This work is having a big impact and in the last year 20 new lion cubs have been born in Meru.

Today, just 20,000 wild lions remain across Africa, a 90% decline since ‘Born Free’ was filmed nearly 60 years ago. But, in Kenya, lions are up 25% to over 2,500 since 2010, the year our lion conservation work began in the country. You can help this vital and successful work to continue.

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Image credit George Logan