Born free kenya builds two bomas


Born Free Kenya has just completed building two predator-proof bomas in Mbirikani Group Ranch, in the Amboseli ecosystem.

The two bomas protect more than 1,000 livestock and give families peace of mind at night.

Made up of wire mesh and recycled plastic posts – and reinforced by a traditional thorny barrier – predator-proof bomas are proven to be effective in preventing lions and other carnivores like hyenas from attacking the community’s livestock at night. This has led to a reduction in retaliatory measures taken by the community against predators, making it a win-win project.

Born Free Kenya had hoped to build three bomas, but was prevented from doing so by the weather. Amboseli, like other parts of Kenya, has had heavy rains since February. A seasonal river flooded, preventing them from accessing the homestead of the third beneficiary. They plan to construct it when the current rains end.  

Today, thanks to Born Free Kenya and the positive partnership with the community, there are 265 bomas in the Amboseli ecosystem and we hope to build more with your help.

More information on Born Free Kenya’s predator-proof boma project in Amboseli.